Google Search Ads Certification Questions and Answers Part-2

Google Search Ads Questions Answers.

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  1. Which three universal extensions should marketers use to enhance their ads?

Sitelinks, structured snippets, callout extensions

2. A company’s account strategist wants to use Google Ads to reach the maximum number of users who are searching for relevant terms related to the company. Which keyword match type would help the account strategist reach the most search queries that potential clients are using?


Explanation: There are 3 keyword match types: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. In addition, you can use negative keywords to finetune your ads. As it’s name suggests a “broad match” keyword type allows you to reach most search queries. But the point is that reaching more search queries is not equal getting more clients. As a marketer you should always focus on relevant clicks. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your marketing budget.

3. A marketing associate creates their first Google Search campaign for a yoga school. They select the Google Search Network and, by default, Google Search partners. How will appearing on Google Search partners benefit the school?”

The school will extend its reach to additional websites.

Explanation: The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. When you create a campaign for the Search Network, Google Search Partners are included by default. Google Search Partners are websites that partner with Google to show ads and free product listings. Search partners extend the reach of Google Search ads and listings. As a result, your ads and product listings have the potential to reach a wide range of consumers. In addition, the Google Search Partner network is constantly expanding, giving you access to new potential customers. Therefore, the Google Search Partner network is an essential tool for any business that wants to reach a large audience.

4. What’s a benefit of using the sitelink extension?

Users can more easily take a desired action by going directly to relevant pages.

Explanation: Sitelink extensions appear below your ad description. They allow potential customers to access directly different pages on your website. In other words, sitelink extensions can increase your customer experience. They can instantly access a specific page that is the most relevant to their intent.

5. A marketing manager wants to raise awareness of their brand and build campaigns that are focused on branded terms. Because they’re unable to devote a lot of time to daily bid management, the manager decides to use automated bidding. Which automated bidding strategy should the marketing manager use?

Target impression share

Explanation: Target impression share is an automated bidding strategy that focuses on visibility. It’s suitable if your goal is to raise brand awareness. Or reach potential clients when they use brand related queries. With target impression share bidding you can target a percentage of top ad positions.

6. Which criteria do Google Ads review to make sure that Search ads are compliant with Google’s advertising policies?

Content and formatting

Explanation: Google Ads policies ensure that Ads are save for customers and advertisers. It’s a complex verification system that combines both human and machine learning verification. Google Ads policies cover all aspects of advertising including format, content and others. Some policies to mention are related to prohibited content, editorial policies, technical requirements.

7. A performance marketing manager wants to improve the performance of their Search campaign. They check the Google Ads recommendations page and notice that their campaign’s optimization score is 22%. How should the manager interpret this score?

The campaign performance could improve by 78% if the manager adopts the optimization score recommendations.

Explanation: The optimization score is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. Scores run from 0-100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential. If the performance marketing manager sees that their Google Search campaign has an optimization score of 75%, it means the campaign performance could improve by 25% if the manager adopts the optimization score recommendations.

8. An account planner is planning their company’s online advertising budget on a monthly basis. They choose Google Ads Performance Planner for help accomplishing this task. Which two advantages does Performance Planner offer?

Billions of weekly Google searches powering forecasting

Leverage of machine learning for forecasting

Explanation: As a marketer, you know that planning and using correct tools is essential to success. Performance planner is one of tools you can leverage. This tool lets you create forecasts for your campaigns, so you can see how bid changes might affect key metrics. It also allows you to adjust campaign settings and understand opportunities in seasonal periods. Plus, Performance Planner makes it easy to manage budgets across multiple accounts and campaigns. In other words, it’s the perfect tool for keeping your marketing plans on track – no matter how much they change. Perfomance Planner uses machine learning for forecasting and analyzing billiions of data signals weekly.

9. What’s a best practice for using ad extensions?

Use at least three extensions per campaign or ad group.

10. Match each Search Audience solution with the benefit that it can bring to your campaigns.

In-Market Audiences: – Drive consideration among people who are actively researching the products or services you offer.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: – Reach people who visited your website in the past.

Detailed Demographics: – Reach people based on the likelihood of their marital status, education, parenting stage, and home ownership status.

Customer Match: – Upload your customer data into Google Ads and connect with these audiences.

11. A water-sports company specializes in custom-made watercrafts and accessories. Their marketing manager decides to use the broad-match keyword, “boat.” The manager then adds “paddle” as a broad-match modifier. Which two searches may prompt the marketing manager’s ad?

Travel on a paddle ship

A green boat paddle

12. What are two of the data sources that are used to calculate optimization recommendations? What’s the third component?

The URL displaying your website address.

13. A water-sports company specializes in custom-made watercraft and accessories. The company’s marketing manager uses the broad-match keyword “boat” and adds “paddle” as a negative keyword. Which two search queries will the ad be eligible to serve on?

Motorboat rentals

Boat adventure

Explanation: When it comes to online advertising, targeting is everything. You want to make sure your ads are being seen by potential customers who are actually interested in what you’re selling. That’s where negative keywords come in. Negative keywords let you exclude certain search terms from your campaigns, so you can focus on the keywords that are most likely to lead to a sale. This kind of targeted approach can increase your return on investment (ROI) by putting your ad in front of interested users.

14. A marketing associate is working on a remarketing strategy for their Search Ads campaign. They want to re-engage high-value customers. Which type of audience will likely have the highest lifetime value?

People who previously purchased a large quantity of the website’s products

15. Which recommendation is a best practice for effectively using Performance Planner?

Divide campaigns with different marketing objectives into individual Performance Planner plans.

16. What’s a best practice for effectively using Performance Planner?

Check your plan regularly close to the run date.

17. A performance marketer is setting up a Customer Match strategy in order to reach a list of prospective customers. Which user data source is the marketer eligible to use?

Email, Mailing Address, Phone Number

Explanation: Customer match audiences let you reengage with your customers and find new ones. This audience type uses first-party data such as email, address, phone number to build audience segments. You need to upload that data to Google if you want to enable customer match targeting option.

18. What’s a good use case to leverage Customer Match?

To re-engage customers who have previously purchased from your business

Explanation: Customer Match is a powerful way to reach and engage with your customers across a variety of Google platforms. Using information that your customers have shared with you, Customer Match will target ads to those customers and other customers like them. This allows you to connect with your customers in new and meaningful ways, remarkably increasing the chances of driving conversions. Additionally, Customer Match opens up new opportunities for remarketing, allowing you to reach customers who have interacted with you offline as well as online. Overall, Customer Match is an extremely valuable tool that any smart advertiser should take advantage of.

19. Which two pieces of user data can you upload when creating a Customer Match strategy?

Email address

Mailing address

Explanation: As a marketer you should think about how to leverage information you have to drive more value. To your business and customers. Google Customer match feature is a good example. You can use your data to re-engage your customers and find new ones. Those who share similar characteristics. Customer Match audiences allow you to reach people across Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display Networks. To create a Customer Match lists you can use data such as mailing address, e-mail, phone number.

20. Why is creating three or more Search Ads per ad group a best practice?

Having more ads in an ad group allows Google to serve the best-performing ad for each specific auction.

Explanation: An answer is “rotation”. When you have multiple ads in an ad group, Google will rotate them and show the best-performing one. According to Google recommendations, you should always have from 3 to 5 ad variations. Of course, It doesn’t mean that more than one ad could serve per auction. It means, Google will show an ad that will likely perform better according to various signals.

21. A marketing manager wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaign-management process. They’re considering using automated bidding. How can automated bidding help the manager accomplish this goal?

By setting the appropriate bid for each auction

Explanation: Managing multiple campaigns at scale is a challenging task. With automated bidding option you can achieve better results easier. There are different automated bidding strategies available. They can help you increase clicks, conversions, or focus on visibility. With automatic bidding, Google algorithms will set bids based on your goals and likelihood to result in your desired action.

22. An account manager is creating their first Google Search Ad. They want to create an inviting and relevant ad to which potential customers will respond favourably. What are two ways that the account manager can create an ad that will motivate users to click on it?

Include a current promotion.

Feature a relevant headline.

23. A retailer wants to focus on selling their overstocked blue saucepans. The marketing manager decides to use broad match to set up keywords for the saucepans. What are two ways that broad match can make the manager’s work easier?

The manager won’t have to think of all of the related “saucepan” keywords.

The manager can serve on new, relevant queries.

Explanation: Broad match keywords allow you to reach wider audience. Yet, wider audience doesn’t mean more customers. If you choose broad match keyword types, make sure you monitor your campaigns closely to avoid irrelevant clicks.

24. An electronics company is launching a new voice-controlled television. The company’s owners decide to use broad match in their Search Ads campaign with the keywords “”voice-controlled television.”” How will broad match benefit the company’s campaign?

The ad will appear to more users by serving on new, relevant queries.

Explanation: Managing multiple campaigns at scale is a challenging task. With automated bidding option you can achieve better results easier. There are different automated bidding strategies available. They can help you increase clicks, conversions, or focus on visibility. With automatic bidding, Google algorithms will set bids based on your goals and likelihood to result in your desired action.

25. A marketing manager with a fixed budget wants to drive as many customers as possible to their website. Which bidding strategy can meet the marketing manager’s needs?

Maximize clicks

26. A travel marketer wants to serve their ads only to potential customers who are specifically looking for all-inclusive vacation options in Paris. The marketer decides to use an exact-match keyword of “all-inclusive vacation Paris.” Which search terms might match with this ad?

“All-inclusive Paris holiday”
Explanation: Exact match type keywords allow you to target search queries that have the same meaning and intent as your selected keyword. Exact match requires some keyword analysis and manual work to set up. But it’s by far my favorite keyword match type. Because you can be sure not to waste your marketing budget on irrelevant queries. However, exact match doesn’t mean “exact match”. They will include search queries with common misspellings, singular or plural forms, accents, abbreviations. In other words, meaning and intent should be the same. Note that exact match keywords must be specified using brackets []. Question format could seem strange for some marketers as “” is used to define phrase match.

27. What’s a benefit of using Customer Match audience solutions?

Using your first-party data to reconnect with previous customers

28. A growth marketing manager is developing the advertising strategy for a company’s product launch in an increasingly competitive market.

Search ads for the company can appear when users are comparing different options from competitors.
Explanation: Google Search ads allow you to reach potential customers at the moments that matter. You can tailor your ads to show when people search on the Google search network. For example, when they are looking for products or services they like yours. Or comparing different options. This is a great opportunity for you as a marketer to promote your products.

29. An Account Strategist regularly reviews their company’s optimization score in order to make sure that their Google Search campaign is as effective as possible. How is this optimization score calculated?

Based on campaign aspects such as campaign statistics, settings, and industry trends
To optimize your advertising campaign you can consider Google recommendation. This is a special Google Ads feature that provides suggestions how to improve performance of your ads. Recommendations are based on your campaign settings, performance history and industry trends. Along with recommendations you will see your current optimization score. This percentage metric is an estimate of how well your Google Ads campaign is set.

30. You manage the Search strategy for an athletic apparel retailer. Which customer type will likely have the highest lifetime value?

Customers who are members of the company’s loyalty program
Explanation: While a company’s value-per-conversion (VPC) is important to consider when making marketing and advertising decisions, it’s often strategic to factor in other values as well. For example, repeat business and word-of-mouth can play a big role in a company’s bottom line. In addition, lifetime customer value (CLV) is another important metric to consider. CLV can be calculated at a company level, a customer segment level, or an individual level. By factoring in all of these values, companies can make more informed decisions about how to allocate their resources. Ultimately, this flexibility can lead to higher profits and more satisfied customers. Customers that are participating in a loyalty program are likely to have higher CLV. Because of repeated purchases.

31. A marketing associate manages the online marketing campaigns for a vitamin and supplement store. They launch a Google Search campaign and choose “”website traffic”” as the campaign marketing goal.

Which outcome should the marketing associate expect from the campaign?

More customers learning about the store’s products on the website
Explanation: Before creating a campaign, it’s important to take some time to consider what you hope to achieve. What is the main goal of the campaign? Are you looking to generate sales? Increase website traffic? Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can select the appropriate campaign settings and features. For example, if you’re hoping to increase sales, you’ll want to make sure that your campaigns are targeted at potential customers who are likely to be interested in your product. On the other hand, if your goal is to increase website traffic, you’ll want to focus on creating campaigns that will grab people’s attention and encourage them to click through to your site. In Search Ads campaigns you ca choose Sales, Leads, and Website traffic as your campaign goal.

32. Which bidding strategy should an advertiser choose in order to meet a campaign goal of visibility?

Target impression share

33. An avid skater wants to buy a new skateboard. They go to Google Search in order to research and purchase the best skateboard they can find. Which steps, in order, could the skater take to interact with Google Search Ads?

The skater would search for “best skateboards.”
The skater would scan the search results.
The skater would click on a Google Search ad.
The skater would browse different skateboards on the website they navigate to.
The skater would make a purchase on the website they navigate to.

34. Marisol manages the online advertising campaigns for a chain of toy stores with both a physical and an online presence. Which Google Ads campaign should Marisol use to show images of their products, advertise their company’s online and local inventories of toys, and boost traffic to their website and local toy stores?

Explanation: Marisol should use a Shopping campaign to show images of her products, advertise her company’s online and local inventory of toys, and boost traffic to their website and local toy stores. Shopping ads appear on Google Shopping next to search results and near text and responsive ads. Shopping ads promote your products by giving consumers detailed information about what you’re selling before they even select your ad.

35. Why is optimizing your ad rotation when setting up your ads recommended?

Google will select the best ad for each auction.
Explanation: With Optimize feature enabled Google will rotate your ads and try to show the best-performing one. If you have multiple ads within an ad group, your ads will rotate because no more than one ad from your account can show at a time. The idea is that by having multiple ads within an ad group, you’ll be able to get data insights that will help you refine your ad quality and performance. Ideally, you should use at least 3 or more ads in each group. Going beyond that, you should make ad rotation a priority. By doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of this feature and improve your overall advertising strategy.

36. Which ad extension is available only as a full automated ad extension?

Seller ratings extension

37. What’s a best practice when writing a description for a Search Ad?

Including a call to action
Explanation: A description field is to define your product or service. You should use an active voice and include a call-to-action. You can use up to 90 characters to finetune your message. Avoid using passive voice or keyword stuffing. You should focus on enticing people to click your ad.

38. What’s a best practice when writing a headline for a Search Ad?

Including at least one keyword in the headline
Explanation: Your ad text consists of 3 main parts – Headline, Display URL, and Description. A headline text is one of the most important elements of your ad, as it’s one of the first things people will notice. Including keywords that people are likely to use in their Google search can help ensure that your ad is seen by relevant consumers. Thus, it’s important to use headlines that are clear and easy to understand. Regardless of how they’re being viewed. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Google text ad is more likely to be noticed and clicked on by potential customers.

39. A plumbing company prides itself on excellent customer service, especially during after-hours service calls. Its owners want to connect with people who need emergency plumbing services in the middle of the night. Which setting could help the owners achieve these goals?

Ad scheduling
Explanation: With ad scheduling feature, you can specify when you want your ads to show- such as during business hours or on certain days of the week. This way, you aren’t paying for ads that run when you can’t handle customer inquiries. You can also use the ad scheduling to set bid adjustments. This means that you can increase or decrease your bids for specific days and times. For example, you may want to increase your bids on weekends when more people are online shopping. In this case, ad scheduling is a right approach to target people in the middle of the night for emergency plumbing services.

40. What’s a best practice for effectively using Performance Planner?

Check your plan regularly close to the run date.

41. A performance marketer wants to drive as much purchase value as possible within a specific return on ad spend. Which type of automated bidding strategy should the marketer use?

Target return on ad spend (tROAS)

42. A performance marketing manager wants to improve their Google Search Ads campaign. On the Google Ads recommendations page, they see that their Google Search campaign has an optimization score of 75%. What does this mean?

The campaign performance could improve by 25% if the manager adopts the optimization score recommendations.

43. What are two best practices for creating ads?

Include three to five ads and at least three extensions in each ad group.
Optimize the campaign’s ad rotation for clicks or conversion actions.

44. A small-business owner wants to drive as many potential customers as possible to their website. The budget for their campaign is only $500 per month. Which type of automated bidding strategy best aligns to the owner’s campaign goal?

Maximize clicks

45. What is the minimum number of users a remarketing list must have before being used with a Remarketing List for Search Ads campaign?

1,000 users
Explanation: Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a powerful tool that can help advertisers to fine-tune their search campaigns and target more qualified leads. You need at least 1000 users on list to start using this feature. Keep in mind that RLSA is a different feature from Display ads remarketing.

46. Lola is in the process of selecting a campaign type to suit her business objectives. Why is it important that she consider business objectives before choosing her campaign type?

The campaign type chosen will determine where her ads appear and the format of those ads.

47. You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible. How can Google Ads help?

With Google Ads, you can choose a maximum amount to spend per month.

48. Which user type would the Google Ads system closely match as an Affinity audience?

Someone who has demonstrated a qualified interest in movies

49. Karen has evaluated her Google Search Ads campaign’s optimization score after noticing that the campaign’s performance had slipped. The score is much lower than it was a month ago. She applies an optimization recommendation that surfaces in the Recommendations page. What will happen to her campaign’s optimization score?

The score will dynamically improve upon accepting recommendations.

50. Trina sells dolls and accessories, and doesn’t have much time to update her Search campaigns with her ever-changing inventory. How can Dynamic Search Ads help Trina?

Keyword lists can be automatically created based on website offerings.

51. Every ad contains a URL displaying your website address. You can add two optional path fields to the display URL in a text ad. What’s an advantage of using these optional path fields?

To give users an idea of the content they’ll see upon clicking the ad

52. Which of the following goals can you achieve for your marketing campaign by using automated bidding?

Reach the right user with the right message at the right time.

53. What’s an example of an effective callout extension?

Free returns

54. Layla is learning about the benefits of using search ad extensions and has come to know that they can help to increase user engagement. What are two other benefits that search ad extensions can contribute to performance?

More qualified leads
Better ad quality

55. John’s company makes a great product and customers are happy with their purchases. Unfortunately, few potential customers visit the company’s website. What are two ways that responsive search ads could help John’s company reach more potential customers?

With multiple headline and description options, responsive ads can compete in more auctions for a wider range of search terms.
With lower costs-per-click, advertisers using responsive ads can afford to be in more daily auctions.

56. Linda recognizes that a Google Search campaign could bring significant value to her eCommerce business. Which two solutions can Linda achieve via a Google Search campaign?

Her business can show up on search results when businesses similar to hers are showing up.
Her business can have a presence at the exact moment someone is searching for the kinds of products she offers.

57. When are automated extensions, such as Seller Ratings, shown?

When Google predicts they’ll improve ad performance.

58. Google Ads was designed to help businesses achieve online success. To accomplish this, Google Ads was built on three core principles. What are these principles?

Relevance, control, and results

59. What are two ways that Performance Planner can help reveal the possibilities across all your Google Ads campaigns?


60. Jimmy has completed the headline section of his text ad and is now writing the description section. What are three factors that Jimmy should include in the description section of his text ads?

A mention of prices, promotions, and exclusive offers
Highlighting what makes his business unique
Encouraging potential customers to take action

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