Bihar BPSC Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions (2000) Pattern BSCERT and NCERT -Part 7 C++ and Database Management (DBMS)

1001. A report generator is used to

Print files on paper

1002. Which of the following is not a logical data-base structure?


1003. Which of the following is a database administrator’s function?

Database design

Backing up the database

Performance monitoring

User coordination

1004. Primitive operations common to all record management systems include


1005. Each of data files has a _____ that describe the way the data is stored in the file. 

File structure

1006. After you _____ a record, many data management the environments require you to issue a command to save the changes you made. Delete


1007. What is the language used by most of the dbmss for helping their users to access data?

Query language

1008. Data item characteristics that are important in data management include


1009. In sql, which command is used to make permanent changes made by statements issue since the beginning of a transaction?


1010. Periodically adding, changing and deleting file records is called file


1011. Sort/report generators

Require more disk space than index/report generators

1012. The data dictionary tells the dbms

What files are in the database

What attribute are possessed by the data

What these files contain

1013. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to enable/disable a database trigger?

Alter trigger

1014. If the record management system allows you to edit values before they are recorded on disk, you can

Correct spelling changes before they are recorded

1015. The relational model uses some unfamiliar terminology. A tuple is equivalent to a:


1016. The files stored on a secondary stage device are composed of a hierarchy of data. What does a record in a file contain?

Data field

1017. Which command is used to remove an index from the database in sql?

Drop index

1018. An-owner-member set in the codasyl specifications may have

Only one owner but many owner occurrences

1019. What is the name given to the database management system which is able to handle full text data, image data, audio and video?


1020. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a

Hierarchical schema

1021. Which of the following hardware components is the most important to the operation of a database management system?

High speed, large-capacity disk

1022. Sophisticated report generators can

Print row-oriented reports

Perform arithmetic operations

Selectively retrieve and print portions of a list

1023. In a _____ a parent record type can be linked to one or more “child” record types, but a child record type can have only one parent.

Hierarchical database

1024. Which two files are used during operation of the dbms?

Data dictionary and transaction log

1025. When using a database management system, the first thing that you must do is to

Load the software into your microâ¬computer

1026. A network schema

Permits many-to-many relationâ¬ships

1027. Which of the following is not a relational database?


1028. Which command is used to remove a table from the database in sql?

Drop table

1029. A large computer information system maintains many different computer files. Which amongst them is called a perpetual file?

Master file

1030. A file produced by a spreadsheet

Is generally stored on disk in an ascii text format

1031. A form defines

Where data is placed on the screen

The width of each field

1032. Which of the following is true of a network structure?

It allows a many-to-many relationship

1033. In sql, grant command is used to

Grant system privileges, roles, and object privileges to uses and roles

1034. The highest level in the hierarchy of data organization is called


1035. The logical data structure with a one-to-many relationship is a :


1036. Updating a database means

Modifying or adding record occurrences

1037. In sql, which command(s) is (are) used to enable/disable all triggers on a table?

Alter table

1038. When you have finished entering information into a form

The contents of the form are written to the data file

1039. The main idea behind computer files is that it is convenient to

Store information together

1040. A list consists of last names, first names, addresses, and pin codes if all people in the list have the same last and the same pin code, a useful key would be

A compound key consisting of the first name and the last name

1041. In sql, which command is used to add new rows to a table?


1042. A number of related records that are treated as a unit is called


1043. If you want to group the records in the abc database, you could use the jobcode as the _____.

Sort key

1044. The management information system (mis) structure with one main computer system is called a

Centralized mis structure

1045. If a calculation is embedded in a form

The result of the calculations are stored with the form

1046. In sql, the command(s) is(are) used to create an index for a table or cluster

Create index

1047. There are certain packages that allow people to define data items, place these items in particular records, combine the records into designated files and then manipulate and retrieve the stored data. What are they called?

Database management system (dbms)

1048. A _____ dbms distributes data processing tasks between the workstation and a network server. Network

Client server

1049. Information can be transferred between the dbms and a

Spreadsheet program

Word processor program

Graphics program

1050. Data integrity control

Has the data dictionary keep the date and time of last access last back-up, and most recent modification for all files

1051. In order to use a dbms, it is important to understand

The physical schema

All sub-schemas that the system supports

1052. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to recompile a stored function?

Alter function

1053. Report generators are used to

Retrieve information from files

Answer queries

1054. Administrate supervision of database activities is the responsibility of the

Database administrator

1055. Goals for the design of the logical schema include

Avoiding data inconsistency

Being able to construct queries easily

Being able to access data efficiently

1056. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to change a table’s storage characteristics?

Alter table

1057. In sql, which of the following is not a data definition language commands?


1058. Subschema can be used to

Create very different, personalized views of the same data

Present information in different formats

Hide sensitive information by omitting fields from the subâ¬schema’s description

1059. Database management systems are intended to:

Eliminate data redundancy

Establish relationships among records in different files

Manage file access

Maintain data integrity

1060. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to issue multiple create table, create view, and grant statements in a single transaction?

Create schema

1061. In sql, which command is used to select data in rows and column from one or more tables?


1062. A scheme describes

Data elements

Records and files

Record relationships

1063. A report form

Is used during report generation to format data

1064. A computer file can be best described as

An orderly collection of data items

1065. A good query system

Allows non-programmers to access information stored in a database

1066. If you want to organize a file in multiple ways, it is better to _____ the data rather than to sort it. Delete


1067. The modify operation is likely to be done after


1068. One data dictionary software package is called

Db/dc dictionary

1069. One approach to standardizing storing of data

Codasyl specifications

1070. What software packages are commonly used for businesses that have to track extensive lists of clients and inventory?

Data management packages

1071. A multiple-form file management system

Lets you define different forms for different operations

Lets you create a look-up form with an associated read-only password to prevent access by unauthorized users

1072. The term _____ is sometimes used to refer to a data file in which all the records have the same record format, that is, the same field names, field lengths, and data types. Database

Flat file

1073. A _____ contains fields of data about one entity.


1074. The _____ command is used to allocates an extent for the table in sql

Modify allocates

1075. Embedded pointer provide

A secondary access path

1076. Which of the following is a type of dbms software?

Database manipulation language

1077. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a


1078. The activity of a file

Refers to how closely the files fits into the allocated

1079. Related fields in a data base are grouped to form

Data record

1080. A _____ means that one record in a particular record type can be related to many records in another record type and vice-versa. One-to-one relationship

Many-to-many relationship

1081. In sql, the _____ command is used to recompile a view

Alter view

1082. A data dictionary is a special file that contains

The names of all fields in all files

The data types of all fields in all files

The widths of all fields in all files

1083. A file that is organized in uniform format is formally referred to as a _____ or a database file. Document

Structured data file

1084. A form can be used to

Modify records

Delete records

Format printed output

1085. Which language has recently become the de-facto standard for interfacing application programs with relational database system?


1086. In sql, the create table is used

To create a table, defining its columns, integrity constrains, and storage allocation

1087. Which of the following is not true of the traditional approach to information processing?

There is common sharing of data among the various applications

1088. What is the abbreviation used for a software package that permits the users to create, retrieve and maintain records in a database?


1089. Which of the following is not an advantage of the data-base approach?

Elimination of the data redundancy

The size of the disk storage device

1090. Data encryption techniques are particularly useful for

Protecting data in data communication systems

1091. It is more accurate to define a _____ as a variety of different record types that are treated as a single unit


1092. A logical schema

Is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts

1093. Queries to a database

\can use aggregate functions like sum and count

1094. In order to use a record management system

You need to understand the model the record management system uses.

1095. In sql, which command is used to select only one copy of each set of duplicable rows

Select distinct

1096. The physical location of a record is determined by a mathematical formula that transforms a file key into a record location in

A hashed file

1097. Which command is used to select distinct subject (sub) from the table (book)?

Select distinct sub from book

1098. Contains only a list of keys and record numbers

Has a number assigned to each record

1099. Which of the following is not the responsibility of the utilities component of dbms software?

Creating the physical and logical designs

1100. In sql, the create tablespace is used

To create a place in the database for storage of scheme objects, rollback segments, and naming the data files to comprise the tablespace

1101. In sql, which command is used to remove a stored function from the database?

Drop function

1102. The database administration function includes

Database access planning

1103. A command that lets you change one or more fields in a record is


1104. A function whose purpose is to send messages to other functions is known as a _____


1105. With commercial classes, the function source code is usually________

Provided in object form

1106. The type of value that a function sends back to the function that calls it is known as its _____

Return value

1107. Assume that a program includes the short *ageptr = null; statement. The name of the pointer is _____


1108. Which of the following are never inherited?

Constructor functions

1109. The expression c = i++ causes

The value of i assigned to c and then i incremented by 1

1110. Which of the following creates a string named constant called partno, whose value is ab45?

Const char partno[5] = "ab45";

1111. The bitwise and operator is represented by the symbol


1112. The exclusive or operator gives the result 1 when

One bit is 0 and the other is 1

1113. A function’s purpose is to print customer data. Which of the following is the best name for this function?

Printcustomer(). It states the function’s purpose and is easy to read

1114. The function strcmp("jose", "jose") will return _____


1115. A pointer to void can hold pointers to

Any data type

1116. Which of the following is the extraction operator?


1117. The function whose prototype is void getdata(item &thing); receives

A reference to a structure

1118. When a multidimensional array is accessed, each array index is

Surrounded by brackets

1119. To create a variable, you must assign _____ to it

Both a data type and a name

1120. You indicate a variable is a pointer variable by placing a(n) _____ in front of the variable’s name


1121. A function can make_________

As many throws of as many types as necessary

1122. A default exception block must be placed _____

Last among the catch blocks

1123. Which of the following control structures is used in every program?


1124. In the c language, a string is assigned to the

Char type of variable

1125. A derived class may also be called a


1126. The main() function is always

A calling function

1127. Variables that are known only to the function in which they are declared are called _____


1128. In the expression p –> val,p is a(n)


1129. In a template function, _____ argument is generic, or parameterized

At least one

1130. Object-oriented programmers primarily focus on _________

Objects and the tasks that must be performed with those objects

1131. You define a structure type globally because

You save many lines of code by not rewriting an identical structure definition in each function that uses it

1132. The standard output stream, which refers to the computer screen, is called


1133. In c++, you use _____ to perform standard input and output operations


1134. Values that are used to end loops are referred to as _____ values


1135. Which of the following flowchart symbols represents the if selection structure?


1136. Two or more arrays whose elements are related by their position (subscript) in the arrays are called _____ arrays


1137. Assume that a program creates and initializes a short integer variable named age and a pointer named ageptr, to which it assigns the address of the age variable. Which of the following statements will assign the number 21 to the age variable?

Age = 21;

*age = 21;

1138. The statement fwrite ( (char*)&objl, sizeof(objl) );

Writes the data in objl to fl

1139. The body of a c++ function is surrounded by _____

Curly brackets

1140. Which of the following type casts will convert an integer variable named amount to a double type?

(double) amount

1141. The loosest type of coupling is

Data coupling

1142. A child class _____ exist if there is no parent class


1143. The main difference in operation between an ‘if statement and a ‘while’ statement is the ‘while’ loop body is executed

The body of the ‘while’ statement may be executed many times, the body of the ‘if statements only once

1144. If a class object is thrown with a throw statement, then a subsequent catch block has a usable match if the type of the catch argument is_________

A parent class of the thrown class

1145. The weakest form of cohesion is


1146. The ‘break’ statement is used to exist from

A do loop

A for loop

A switch statement

1147. You have assigned the address of value to the pointer p, which statement will display the value stored in value?


1148. A constructor initialization list is preceded by

A colon

1149. In c++, a function contained within a class is called

A member function

1150. Which of the following statements will create and initialize a feelnfo array named fee?

Feeinfo fee = {0,0};

1151. Which of the following is the scope resolution operator?


1152. If the description of function is “input the quantity, validate that the quantity is greater than 1, subtract 1 from the quantity, and print the quantity,” the function is

Logically cohesive

1153. A function that changes an object’s state belongs to the category of

Mutator functions

1154. Which of the following pairs of identifier name(s) are(is) considered to be identical?

Identifier 1, identifier_2

1155. When you create a derived class and instantiate on object

The parent class object must be constructed first

1156. The int type of constants are whole numbers in the range

– 32768 to 32767

1157. When the function char somefunction(int x) is executed,

It may or may not throw anything

1158. One way in which a structure differs from an array is that

A structure may have members of more than one type

1159. Variables that hold memory addresses are called _____


1160. The general form of do-while statement is

Do statement while (expression);

1161. The measure of how well the operations in a function relate to one another is _____


1162. If you want to override constructor default values for an object you are instantiating, you must also override

All parameters to the left of that value

Can have only positive values

1163. The extraction operator >> is a(n) _____

Overloaded function


1164. If an exception is thrown and no catch block matches the type of the thrown parameter, then _____

The program terminates

1165. The comma operator (,) is used to

Permit two different expressions to appear in situations where only one expression would ordinarily be used

1166. A function that is called automatically each time an object is created is a(n)


1167. Which of the following statements creates a named constant called driverage whose value is 16?

Const short driverage = 16;

1168. Which functions do not have a this pointer?

Static functions

1169. When a program calls a function that has default parameters, if you omit an argument, you must _____

Omit all arguments to the right of that argument

1170. Each generic type in a template function definition is preceded by the keyword _________


1171. The declaration section holds

Data members and function prototypes

1172. A derived class _____ override attributes of a parent class


1173. In object-oriented terms, an exception may be considered a(n) _____


1174. A(n) _____ is a numeric variable used for counting something


1175. The element of an array is

A member of an array

1176. When the function void somefunction(int x) throw(char) is executed,_____

It may throw a character

1177. Which of the following is not included in the header of a function?

The name of the program or function that calls the function

1178. If you want only one memory location to be reserved for a class variable, no matter how many objects are instantiated, you should declare the variable as________


1179. The logical not operator represented by is a

Unary operator

1180. When variables refer to attributes of an entity (such as name, address, and phone number of a person), those attributes form a _____


1181. A derived class _____ override attributes of a parent class


1182. Which of the following is false?

The function header is considered a c++ statement, so it must end in a semicolon.

1183. A function’s single most important role is to

Help organize a program into conceptual units

1184. The delete operator returns ______ to the operating system

Memory that is no longer needed

1185. The major advantage of data hiding is that _____

Your data will be used correctly

1186. The letter v is a _____

Character literal constant

1187. Separating parts of a program into units that remain unaffected by other parts of a program is the concept known as _____


1188. Programmer-defined functions can be

Void functions only

1189. A class d can be derived from a class c, which is derived from a class b, which is derived from a class a


1190. To use the strcpy function, you must include the _____ header file in your program


1191. The number of the relational operators in the c language is


1192. Which of the following tells c++ to display numbers with two decimal places?


1193. A function that is called automatically each time an object is destroyed is a


1194. We can output text to an object of class ofstream using the insertion operator â« because

The insertion operator is overloaded in ofstream

1195. The operator that allocates new memory is _____


1196. A comment

Is a note that can be put into the source code

Is ignored by the compiler. Starts with the /* character pair

1197. Which of the following is(are) valid identifier(s)?


1198. The functions go in the _____ section of a class definition


1199. You can throw _____

A scalar variable

A constant

A programmer-defined class object

1200. You invoke a function with a function


1201. Which is a good guideline for creating function names?

Avoid the use of digits because they are easily confused with letters

1202. Reserving memory during program execution is known as reserving it


1203. “rohan motors” is a _____

String literal constant

1204. A programming structure that contains data and a pointer to the next object is a

Linked list

1205. A variable declared in a function is called a(n) _____ variable


1206. When you write to a file rather than the screen, you use the c++ class _____


1207. Which of the following numerical value(s) is(are) invalid constant(s)?


1208. To use the this pointer with a member function, you _____

Do nothing; it is automatically supplied for you

1209. A function that is prototype as int calculate(int num); may

Receive an integer variable named num from the main() program

1210. A do-while loop contains

Several statements between the do statement and the while statement

1211. The braces that surround the code in a ‘c program

Delimit a section of code

1212. The indirection operator is the


1213. Local variables _____are created outside a block

Are known only to that block

1214. # directives must be present

Before the main() function

1215. Programmers prefer to declare almost all variables _____

At the beginning of each function

1216. A(n) _____ is always incremented by a constant amount, whereas a(n) _____ is incremented by an amount that varies

Counter, accumulator

1217. The c++ _____ function generates random numbers


1218. You have declared an integer pointer called point you have also declared an integer called number. Which statement is the correct format?

Point = &number;

1219. If you wanted to sort many large objects or structures, it would be most efficient to

Place pointers to them in an array and sort the array

1220. The printer can be accessed using the predefined filename _____

Prn, lpt1, etc

1221. The best functions have _____

High cohesion and loose coupling

1222. One of the valid escape sequences used in the c language is


1223. A default constructor

Takes no arguments

1224. Which of the following will increase the value stored in the first element of the fee array by 2?

Fee[0].amount = fee[0].amount + 2;

1225. Which loop always processes its instructions at least once?


1226. When a new class is derived from an existing class, the derived class member functions _____ have names that differ from base class function names


1227. A static data member is given a value

Outside the class definition

1228. _____ refers to the process of locating and removing the errors in a program


1229. Static variables are sometimes called

Class variables

1230. You can pass _____ to functions

Copies of individual structure members

Copies of entire structures

Pointers to structures

1231. Element doublearray[7] is which element of the array?

The eighth

1232. Which of the following statements opens a file named temp.dat for output?“temp .dat”);

1233. Which of the following will store the letter h in a character variable named initial?

Initial = ‘h’;

1234. Compared with the classes from which they are derived, inherited classes may have _____

Additional data members

Additional member functions

1235. A class named student must have a constructor whose name is


1236. To write data that contains variables of type float, to an object of type ofstream, you should use


1237. Variables that are declared in a block are known as _____ variables to that block


1238. The pow and sqrt functions return a(n) _____ type number


1239. Declaring variables is advantageous because it

Avoids errors from misspelled variable names

Helps the linker work efficiently

Simplifies the writing of very short programs

1240. The generic name used for unexpected errors that occur during the execution of a program is


1241. You add the desired type to a specific template class instantiation by placing the type’s name ______

Between angle brackets

1242. The switch variable can be of

Both int as well as char type

1243. Reference variables and const class members _____

Must be initialized, rather than assigned values

1244. You can code a default exception handler by creating a catch block

With an ellipsis as its argument

1245. Which of the following are void functions?


1246. Hiding individual components of an entry is _____


1247. When all of the operations in a function contribute to the performance of only one task, a function has

Functional cohesion

1248. A function that uses variable types is called __________

A template function

1249. Having more than one function with the same name is called


1250. An object is _____

An instance of a class

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