Bihar BPSC Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions (2000) Pattern BSCERT and NCERT -Part 9 C++, Database Management (DBMS) and Oops Concept

1501. Assume a program contains a void function named displayname, which requires no formal parameters. Which of the following is a correct function prototype for this function?

Void displayname();

1502. A file pointer always contains the address of the file


1503. You declare a function with a function _____, which is typically entered at the beginning of the program, below the #include directives

Prototype declaration

1504. The function whose prototype is item getdata(void); returns _____


1505. Using new may result in less _____ memory than using an array


1506. The most common operation used in constructors is


1507. In a simple ‘if’ statement with no ‘else’. What happens if the condition following the ‘if is false?

Control ‘falls through’ to the statement following ‘if

1508. If two types of errors may be thrown, you should write _______

Two catch blocks with one argument each

1509. The name of a function ends with


1510. Which of the following is not a programming control structure?


1511. The bitwise or operator is a

Binary operator

1512. A class stockltems has four data members and three function members. You define 50 objects as members of the class. Which is true?

Only one copy of each of the tnree functions exists

1513. The continue statement should be written only

In the body of a loop. In the nested loops

1514. A major advantage of inheritance is

Reducing the time it takes to create new objects

1515. When a variable exists or is accessible, it is said to be _____

In scope

1516. The feature that allows the same operations to be carried out differently depending on the object is _____


1517. Which of the following is a c++ class?


1518. Precedence determines which operator

Is evaluated first

1519. When using the standard files that come with the c++ compiler, you should surround the header file name with _____

Angle brackets

1520. The loop condition in a flowchart is represented by a(n) _____


1521. Which of the following, if any, are invalid names for a variable?


1522. Classes with the same name must be derived from one another

Knowledge of a general category can be applied to more specific objects

1523. When you omit parameters from a function call, values can be provided by

Default parameters

1524. The first element in a string is

The first character in the string

1525. Variables declared outside a block are called _____


1526. The compiler converts your c++ instructions into _____

Object code

1527. A fundamental type such as int or double is a _____

Scalar type

1528. The return type you code for all constructors is _____

No type

1529. When an object-oriented program detects an error within a function, the function _________

Throws an exception

1530. Using a statement at the wrong time or with an inappropriate object creates a

Logical error

1531. When you create a derived class and instantiate an object _____

The parent class object must be constructed first

1532. Evaluate the following expression: 4 >6 || 10 < 2 * 6


1533. A constructor always has

Temporal cohesion

1534. A normal c++ operator that acts in special ways on newly defined data types is said to be


1535. A function in a derived class that has the same name as a function in the parent class

Will override the base class function

1536. In which statements, does a ‘continue’ statements cause the control to go directly to the test condition and then continue the looping process?

‘While’ and ‘do-while’

1537. Which of the following statements is false?

Because the constructor function does not return a value, you place the keyword void before the constructor’s name

1538. In a class specifier, data or functions designated private are accessible

To member functions of that class

1539. When a function includes a throw statement for errors, the call to the potentially offending function should be placed within a _____ block


1540. The scope resolution operator is

Two colons

1541. “c++” is a _____ constant

String literal

1542. In a c++ program, which of the following can be thrown?

Programmer-defined objects

1543. The items listed in the function header are called _____

Formal parameters

1544. A translator that notes whether you have used a language correctly may be called a _____


1545. The feature in object-oriented programming that allows the same operation to be carried out differently, depending on the object, is_____


1546. When an argument is passed by reference,

The function accesses the argument’s original value in the calling program

1547. The process of extracting the relevant attributes of an object is known as


1548. Which of the following statements uses the computer’s clock to initialize the random number generator?


1549. A static data member is given a value

Outside the class definition

1550. You must provide a constructor for a derived class

If the base class constructor required arguments

1551. If you want to override constructor default values for an object you are instantiating, you must also override

All parameters to the left of that value

1552. To use one of the c++ built-in mathematical functions, you must include the _____ header file in your program


1553. Errors in a program are called


1554. If you declare two objects as customer firstcust, secondcust; which of the following must be true?

Each object’s nonstatic data members will be stored in the same memory location

1555. Which of the following is the inequality operator?


1556. If a derived class uses the public access specifier, then _____

Public base class members remain public in the derived class

Protected base class members become public in the derived class

1557. The operator that releases previously allocated memory is _____


1558. When a language has the capability to produce new data types, it is said to be


1559. A compound statement does not consist of

Expression statements

1560. Which of the following statements will display the word “hello” on the computer screen?

Cout << “hello”;

1561. Evaluate the following expression: 7 >=3 + 4 || 6<4 && 2<5


1562. The base class for most stream classes is the _____ class


1563. Which of the following while clause will stop the loop when the value in the age variable is less than the number 0?

While (age >= 0)

1564. The most efficient data type for a variable that stores the number 4.6e20 is the _____ data type


1565. Which of the following is a c++ object?


1566. Which of the following can be used to declare the main function?

Void main()

1567. You _____ write your own container classes


1568. If an integer object is thrown with a throw statement, then a subsequent catch block has a usable match if the type of the catch argument is


1569. The highest level of cohesion is

Functional cohesion

1570. You separate a derived class name from its access specifier with

At least one space

1571. A default catch block catches

Any thrown object that has not been caught by an earlier catch block

1572. Adding a derived class to a base class requires fundamental changes to the base class


1573. Format flags may be combined using

The bitwise or operator (|)

1574. The use of the break statement in a switch statement is


1575. To expose a data member to the program, you must declare the data member in the _____ section of the class


1576. Evaluate the following expression: 3 >6&&7>4


1577. A function that changes the state of the cout object is called a(n) _____


1578. A c++ program contains a function with the header int function(double d, char c). Which of the following function headers could be used within the same program?

Int function(int d, char c)

1579. When the compiler cannot differentiate between two overloaded constructors, they are called


1580. Some streams work with input, and some with output


1581. If you design a class that needs special initialization tasks, you will want to design a(n) _____


1582. Which type of statement does not occur in computer programs?


1583. The newline character is always included between

Control string

1584. To be called object-oriented, a programming language must allow


1585. A function that returns no values to the program that calls it is _____

Type void

1586. The keyword used to define a structure is _____


1587. If container classes are carefully constructed, then these tools are available to work with structures that are not ______


1588. Header files often have the file extension _____


1589. The #ifndef directive tests to see whether ________

A class has been defined

1590. Which of the following statements is false?

Functions can be called, or invoked, only once in a program

1591. The generic type in a template function

Can be t

1592. When a child class function is called, the compiler looks first for a matching function name in the _____

Class of the object using the function name

1593. A function that is called automatically each time an object is destroyed is a


1594. If you create an instantiation of a class template with an int, and then create a second instantiation with a double, then

You must precede each function call with the word int or double

1595. The step-by-step instructions that solve a problem are called _____

An algorithm

1596. The type to be used in an instantiation of a class template follows ________

The generic class name

1597. Which of the following statements allows the user to enter data at the keyboard?

Cin >> currentpay;

1598. When you pass a variable _____, c++ passes only the contents of the variable to the receiving function

By value

1599. The best form of coupling is _____


1600. Paying attention to the important properties while ignoring inessential details is known as________


1601. What does c++ append to the end of a string literal constant?

A null character

1602. An array name is a _____

Memory address

1603. Which of the following is(are) invalid string constant(s)?

‘7.15 pm’

1604. You define a structure type globally because _____

You save many lines of code by not rewriting an identical structure definition in each function that uses it

1605. Redirection redirects

A stream from a file to the screen

1606. You mark the beginning of a function’s block of code with the _____


1607. Sending a copy of data to a program module is called _______

Passing a value

1608. Of the three ways to pass arguments to functions, only passing by _____ and passing by _____ allow the function to modify the argument in the calling program

Reference, pointer

1609. To use either an input or output file, the program must include the _____ header file


1610. A widget is to the blueprint for a widget as an object is to

A class

1611. C++ allows you to define the same functions more than once in the same program _____

C++ does not allow you to define the same functions more than once in the same program

1612. Which of the following assigns the number 5 to the area variable?

Area = 5

1613. A base class may also be called a

Parent class

1614. The _____ mode tells c++ to open a file for input


1615. Using the wardrobe structure within the shoplist structure is an example of a good programming principle, known as _____


1616. Data security threats include

Privacy invasion

1617. An operation that will increase the length of a list is


1618. In sql, which command is used to add a column/integrity constraint to a table

Alter table

1619. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to enable/disable a database trigger?

Alter trigger

1620. In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called


1621. In sql, which command is used to changes data in a table?


1622. What name is given to the collection of facts, items of information or data which are related in some way?


1623. In a large dbms

Each user can “see” only a small part of the entire database

1624. Which of the following command(s) is(are) used to recompile a stored procedure in sql?

Alter procedure

1625. Internal auditors should review data system design before they are




1626. A _____ means that one record in a particular record type may be related to more than one record of another record type. One-to-one relationship

One-to-many relationship

1627. Which command(s) is(are) used to redefine a column of the table in sql ?

Alter table

1628. Which command(s) is(are) used to enable/disable/drop an integrity constraint in sql?

Alter table

1629. In sql, the alter tablespace command is used

To add/rename data files

To change storage characteristics

To take a tablespace online/offline

To begin/end a backup

1630. The language used in application programs to request data from the dbms is referred to as the


1631. A database management system might consist of application programs and a software package called


1632. An audit trail

Is the recorded history of operations performed on a file

1633. A race condition occurs when

Two concurrent activities interact to cause a processing error

1634. An indexing operation

Establishes an index for a file

1635. The on-line, softcopy display a customer’s charge account to respond to an inquiry is an examples of a

On demand report

1636. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to create a synonym for a schema object?

Create synonym

1637. If you want your database to include methods, you should use a _____ database. Network


1638. In sql, which of the following is not a data manipulation language commands?


1639. Which of the following is not characteristic of a relational database model?

Treelike structure

1640. A computer file contains several records. What does each record contain?


1641. In sql, the create view command is used

To define a view of one or more tables or views

1642. A ____ contains the smallest unit of meaningful data, so you might call it the basic building block for a data file. File structure


1643. In the dbm approach, application programs perform the

Processing functions

1644. In sql, which command is used to create a database user?

Create user

1645. When performing a look-up operation using a form

You enter the search value into the form

1646. A _____ means that one record in a particular record type is related to only one record of another record type.

One-to-one relationship

1647. A _____ database does not use pointers or physical links, but instead finds related records by examining the contents of fields.


1648. In sql, which command(s) is(are) used to redefine an index’s future storage allocation

Alter index

1649. Which of the following is a serious problem of file management systems?

Difficult to update

Lack of data independence

Data redundancy

Program dependence

1650. With respect to data input, the most accurate description of batch control is

Comparing to a pre-calculated figure the total of a data item summed across a batch records put into the system

1651. The model for a _____ resembles the hierarchical model in many respects. Network database

Relational database

1652. A set of programs that handle a firm’s data base responsibilities is called a

Data base management system (dbms)

Data base processing system (dbps)

Data management system (dms)

1653. In any hierarchy of data organization, the smallest entity to be processed as a single unit is called

Data field

1654. Long-range planning report produced in an mis are primarily designed for

Top management

1655. The model for a record management system might be

Handwritten list

A rolodex card file

A business form

1656. The designer of a form includes

Filed designators


1657. Which of the following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time?

Transaction log

1658. Two files may be joined into a third file if

They have a field in common

1659. Characteristic(s) of a distributed mis structure is

Interactive sharing of the workload

A multiprocessing environment

Computers supporting local dp operations

1660. The data-base environment has all of the following components except:

Separate files

1661. The way a particular application views the data from the data base that the application uses is a :


1662. A compound key

Is made up a several pieces of information

Uniquely identifies an item in a list

1663. The distinguishable parts of a record are called


1664. Large collections of files are called


1665. The index consists of

A list of keys

Pointers to the master list

1666. Which one is a nonlinear data structure?


1667. Int p; in this line ‘p’ is a/an

C. Variable

1668. Char is a/an……….

Data type

1669. Math.h is a/an……….

Header file

1670. Which one is a dml command?



1671. One dimensional array may have…

Both columns and rows

1672. Which one is an input function for stack?


1673. Aggregation means.


1674. Overloading is a feature of?

Object oriented programming

1675. Which one of the followings is associated with logic gate?


1676. Number systems used to represent.




1677. The expression y=ab+bc+ac shows the … operation.


1678. Which one is not a dml command in sql?


1679. Which one of the following sql command is used to enter data?


1680. Which one of the following is not used for lan?

Copper wire

1681. Which one of the following is valid topology of computer network?

C. Star

1682. Integer is a/an …?

Built-in data type

1683. List is a/an …?

Derived data type

1684. Object is a/an ……….

C. Data type

1685. Aim of oop is to integrate ………………

Function and data

1686. In oop function is known as………


1687. Pos stands for?

C. Product of sum

1688. A domain type is a/an ……………

Entity name

1689. Linker is a …

System software

1690. Cdma is related with.

C. Mobile system

1691. 10 khz is unit measurement for ………….

Band width

1692. A virus is a/an…………..

Application software

1693. Cyber law is related with?

Online fraud & crime control

1694. Max ( ) function returns?

Highest value

1695. A pointer is denoted by using symbol…………


1696. Like % clause helps to …………… table data.


1697. A dos is a/an………….. .

Operating system

1698. Min ( ) function returns?

Lowest value

1699. Which one of the following is used with cout as operator?


1700. Which one of the following is used with cin as operator?


1701. A language which has the capability to generate new data types is called……..


1702. Wrapping data and its related functionality into a single entity is known as………


1703. If all devices are connected to a central hub, then this topology is called

C. Star topology

1704. ……… allow us to identify uniquely a tuple in the table. 


1705. What is the way to suddenly come out or quit any loop in c++?

Break; statement

1706. If……. Else statement can be replaced by which operator?

Conditional operator

1707. Which of the following is most suitable for a menu- driven program?

Do – while

1708. A switch construct can be used with which of the following types of variable?

Int, char

1709. Which looping process is best used when the number of iterations is known?

For loop

1710. What is the effect of writing a break statement inside a loop?

It cancels remaining iterations.

1711. C++ is an extension of c with a major addition of the class construct feature of……….

Simula 67

1712. ………. Refer to the names of variables, functions, arrays, classes etc. Created by the programmer.


1713. If m and n are int type variables, what wil be the result of the expression m%n when m=5 and n=2?


1714. …………. Is a way to bind the data and its associated functions together which allows the data and functions to be hidden.


1715. A operators such as …….. Cannot be overloaded.


1716. A which function return the current position of the get or put pointer in bytes.

Both a and b

1717. Why reference is not same as a pointer

A reference once established cannot be changed

1718. How many types of polymorphism are supported by c++.


1719. Which of the following concepts means adding new components to a program as it runs?

Dynamic loading

1720. Which of the following approach is adapted by c++.

Bottom- up

1721. Applying the distributive law to the expression a(b+𝐶+d), we get…………..


1722. Which of the examples below expresses the distributive law of boolean algebra?

C.a+(b+= ab+ac

1723. A which of the examples below expresses the commutative law of multiplication. A. A+b=b+a


1724. A ……… is used to define overall design of the database.


1725. A grant and revoke are…….. Statements.


1726. ………. Command can be used to modify a column in a table.


1727. Which normal form is similar with 3nf.


1728. Which of the following is not the external security threats.

Underground threats

1729. Which of the following is not the possible ways of data exchange?


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