What are the different ways to measure Uninstall in clevertap?

App install and Uninstall tracking

There are several ways to measure uninstall in CleverTap:

Mobile App Uninstall Tracking: This is a built-in feature in cleverTap that allows you to track uninstall events directly from the app. You can see the number of uninstalls over a certain period of time, as well as demographic information about the users who uninstalled the app.

Attribution Tracking: You can track installs and uninstalls using an attribution tracking tool, such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, or Branch. These tools will provide you with a comprehensive view of your app’s install and uninstall metrics.

In-App Feedback Surveys: By conducting in-app feedback surveys, you can ask users why they decided to uninstall your app. This information can be used to improve the app and prevent future uninstalls.

User Retention Analytics: By analyzing user retention data, you can identify patterns and trends in uninstall behavior. This information can help you understand why users are uninstalling your app and take action to prevent it.

In conclusion, using a combination of these methods will give you a comprehensive understanding of your app’s uninstall metrics, and help you take action to improve retention and prevent uninstalls.

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