What are the different ways to optimize Reachability?

There are several ways to optimize reachability, including:

  • Push Impressions: You can track the number of users who received the push notification and the number of times it was displayed on the device.
  • Push Amplification: This is a feature that allows you to reach more users by sending a push notification to all the devices that a user has registered.
  • Send to Last Active Device: You can target users by sending the push notification to the device they last used, which ensures that they are more likely to receive and engage with the notification.
  • Xiaomi and Huawei Push Services: These are services specific to Xiaomi and Huawei devices that help to improve reachability and delivery of push notifications.
  • Send to All Devices: This feature allows you to reach all devices associated with a user by sending a push notification to all their devices.
  • Enable Notification: You can improve reachability by prompting users to enable notifications when they first install the app or after they’ve used it for a while.
  • Viewed: You can track the number of users who have viewed the push notification and when they viewed it.

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