Get The Latest Gold Coin Designs This Diwali 2022

Gold Coins for Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner, and millions of people are preparing to celebrate the colour festival. This significant ritual of buying gold is considered an auspicious action of inviting Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth, to your home. Hence besides sweet delicacies and luxurious gift hampers, the Diwali celebration cannot be completed without a touch of gold.

It is easy to see how gold plays a vital part in the Diwali season.  There is no other metal as gold which is sacred and significant, filling your house with joy and granting your positivity. For centuries, people have considered this precious metal as a traditional gift and a trustworthy investment. Apart from different jewellery designs, people prefer to purchase gold coins.

 It is believed that investing in gold coins is a herald of good fortune, as it is inspired by Dhanteras. Moreover, we also see a spike in buyers rushing to snap up gold coins in smaller quantities, in a significant way.

5 Latest gold coin designs to purchase this Diwali

We also know that Diwali is the beloved time to exchange gifts between loved ones. According to Indian tradition, the best Diwali gift idea would be gold. So if you are looking for the most authentic auspicious Diwali gifting ideas for your loved ones, here we have curated the best and latest Kundan gold coin designs to purchase this festive season.

  1. Kalpataru tree gold coin

For both the festive season and wedding gifting, the Kalpataru tree gold coin is the perfect option to opt for. Kalpataru tree has an aesthetic and ancient value, believed to have immense powers and could fulfil your wishes. 

  1. Ganesh gold coin

If you are looking for an extra special Diwali gift, your hope has been answered in the form of a divine Ganesh gold coin. This first-of-its-kind coin features the foremost god, Lord Ganesh, engraved intricately into the precious metal. He is the symbol of energy, inspiring us to celebrate the beauty of life.

  1. Tola gold coin

As gold is the traditional Diwali gift, this tola gold coin is designed with the incorporation of both beauty and convention, but with a classic twist. This also brings home time-honoured traditions and mints excellence in every tradition.

  1. Queen gold coin

To honour the queen’s reign, this gold is designed by featuring her iconography. It is one of the latest gold coins, which depicts the queen in all her glory, esteemed for her royal beauty. Thanks to its unique appearance, the gold coin portrays the embodiment of grace, beauty, purity and prosperity.

  1. Kundan logo gold coin

Gold coins come in very handy for wedding gifting and trousseau. This gold coin is garnished with a classic Kundan logo on its surface. This symbol of heritage can be presented to someone you think is more precious than the gold itself

Buy the latest gold coins this Diwali at Zeya By Kundan Refinery

India, one of the dynamic and diverse nations, has been synonymous with gold purchasing due to its rich and fascinating cultural heritage. And just like all the festivals, Diwali also has a history that calls for celebration. The festival is intrinsically linked to wealth and prosperity, where people traditionally tend to invest in gold for themselves or give it as a token of love to their friends and family.

We understand how challenging it is to purchase gold from the right place be it online or offline. Hence at Zeya By Kundan, we make it extremely easy for you to buy gold coins, situated in the comfort of your home. We have a wide range of minted gold coins with fine purity featuring lord Ganesha, Kundan log and more to make delightful gifts this Diwali season.

Enlighten your festival with our exclusive latest gold coin collection and kickstart your celebration with a blast!

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