What Does Gold Symbolise in Indian Culture?

Hindu Goddess Coins

Elegance is derived from gold and different jewels, accessories, and masterpieces made from the same. It was one of the precious metals to be worn and cherished by Indian culture from the period of kings, queens, and early ages. Due to its extraordinary shine and its property of being intact, gold is the most prestigious and proud piece of ownership.

Indian weddings are the most significant and commonplace to witness the level of importance people own for this metal and the jewels made from gold. It is considered a precious piece of jewellery that will symbolise wealth and legacy to be kept alive for ages. The transfer of the same gold from one generation is a huge matter of fact in Indian culture and families.

Indian culture and the symbolising value of gold

Innovative designs and formations keep the attraction and demand for gold the same as they used to be in earlier times or past years. Moreover, gold coins and bars were always inseparable parts of the gold buying and selling industry. Kundan refinery is a veteran in the gold bars, coins, and pendants industry while understanding the detailing of gold in Indian culture.

Furthermore, Dhanteras, a festival of “Dhan,” denotes “wealth” in Hindi and is celebrated during the festivities of Diwali. The whole festival of Diwali is known for its wealth and prosperity and worships Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth at that time.

On Dhanteras, Lakshmiji is worshipped for good fortune, beauty, and prosperity. It is one of the most significant reasons you would find many Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Coins presented and worshipped on this occasion.

The beauty of gold endured by Kundan Refinery in their products

A few aspects that make gold utmost precious and one-of-a-kind metal are on point and reason to prove it. One such is that South Indians love gold and gold jewellery which you will notice in their weddings and related ceremonies. It looks like a compulsory jewel addition in their ceremony where the whole bridal attire is incomplete with the gold jewellery added. You might see a bride wearing 24 K gold or more at all South Indian weddings.

Impending faith in gold

kundan delivers a 999.9 purity range in all its silver and gold products as a general ratio to match the utmost quality bar and quantity provision. The gold pendants with the images of gods and goddesses in coloured shades are the USPs of the refinery. Other gold products are exemplary, with unique carvings and designs embedded in the same. Diya coins, coloured gods, and goddesses in gold and silver bars are extraordinary and fabulous.

Respecting human sentiments

Moulded with intricate designs and enhancements, Kundan‘s gold products inculcate every detail with extra care and understanding of emotional attachment to the designs. All the designs are generally authentic and related to human emotions in their faith and beliefs. But everything has been taken care of by respecting every individual’s sentiments and personal opinions.

To sum up

If you have any such requirement or interest in understanding the actual values and ideas of gold coins, bars, and pendants, you can visit or connect with Kundan Refinery for deep know-how over the same. Experienced in all types of designs, making, and customised production, we assure you will receive all sorts of products according to your pre-requisite or any information you want. 

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