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Hire Experienced (Pay per Click) PPC Consultant in India

We have something to offer for business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and online store proprietors looking to grow their business with the help of PPC consultant. We are the No #1 PPC Consultant in Delhi India

Our PPC Management Methods

Deep Analysis: - At first we do Review Account Structure. Below are the Quick List for Account Structure

1. Campaigns in Account
2. Ad groups per Campaign
3. Keywords Per Ad Group
4. Ad groups segmented Type
5. Bidding method used
6. Campaign settings
7. Uniform naming convention

Multi-platform Ads: - If you want to promote your goods and services on Google, YouTube, or even Bing,

Ad management options for your business: -

1. Manual cost per clicks (CPC)
2. Target cost per acquisition (CPA)
3. Target return on assets (ROAS)
4. Maximize clicks
5. Maximize conversions
6. Target search page location
7. Target outranking share
8. Enhanced CPC

Bid Management: - Here we set bid management strategy according to your goal whether it is Increasing brand exposure by impression, increasing traffic by Click, Increasing leads and Sales by Conversion

Our PPC Services India includes :-

1. Writing ad copy as a response to that imaginary customer’s needs and search habits.
2. Addressing audience: - Using the words “you” and “your” in ads.
3. Using Numbers: - Name product’s price or advertise a sale and Exact number of customers you’ve helped/served
4. Emphasize What Makes You Stand Out: - Setting yourself apart from your competitors.
5. Use Strong, Creative Calls to Action: - Takeaway Call to action like like “Get,” “Save,” “Build,” or “Join.”

1. Service or Product-Specific Keywords
2. High-Intent Keywords
3. Feature-Specific Keywords
4. Check Out Your Competitors
5. Expand & Refine Your List with Keyword Research
6. Group Keywords into Ad Groups
7. Research and Add Negative keyword options

Successful customer relationships are built on trust, and trust is often built on how achievement is defined, measured and communicated.

1. Our Reporting is Transparent & Consistent
2. Report from General to Specific
3. Start with Goals
4. Have a Dashboard or Executive Summary
5. Providing Definitions to acronym
6. Segment Performance Data by Intent like customer
journey, separation of brand versus generic terms, including assisted conversions and revenue data, geographic targeting, and other features.
7. Integrate Data Beyond the PPC Conversion

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